Manage professionally with experienced consultants
professional mechanisms and services; As your long-term advisors and partners, we produce effective results, deliverables and sustainable results
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Organization’s structure and designing
our consultants, provide specialized services appropriate with period of growth of start up and newly established companies in the field of designing of the organization and organizational structures.
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List of consulting and research services

Strategy and transformation

Organization structure & design

Human resources management

Marketing & sales management

Project Management

Knowledge management

Social responsibility

Financial and accounting

Our advantages in management consulting

Our unique qualifications and experiences

Implementation of more than 4000 large and medium projects of national importance; having the largest number of associated professional consultants in the country; having the largest network of affiliated consultants and specialists   

Assisting in growth and development of business

Offering comprehensive and uniform services with experienced consultants in various specialized fields and the maximum assortment of services from big, complex and strategic level to the operational and individual level

Thought leadership

Leader in development of indigenous models through latest global knowledge with correct understanding of domestic needs. Position of leadership of the intellect based on your trust and constant support

certificates of competency

We are proud to have marks of consulting competence such as: management services, productivity, assessment of general competencies of professional executives of executive apparatus, and so on.

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co-workers consultants

Different levels of services

Work teams and individuals

Empowering teamwork, strengthening core competencies, helping to achieve individual development programs and professional and specialized growth

Board and CEOs

Strengthen decision-making, strategic and long-term orientations and perspectives, and strong and rich communication

Management team, executives and middle managers

Strengthen macro-decision-making, influence and decision-making power, define and implement goals and programs in different areas of operation

Public and non-profit sector

Strategy and transformation consulting services, mission review, redesign and organization and providing all special services needed in this field

Start-ups and value-creating companies

Strategy and Growth Consulting Services, Consulting Clinic

Work teams and individuals

Empowering teamwork, strengthening core competencies, helping to achieve individual development programs, and professional and specialized growth.

Operational managers of various industries

Operational planning, guiding the team and staff, implementing the plan and achieving goals in industry, services and the public sector, government and public and governmental organizations.

Holdings and multi-business enterprises

Define and develop headquarters value creation patterns for subsidiaries, reduce devaluation relationships, and create and promote all-inclusiveness among subsidiaries