Assessment and Development Center

Competency, aptitude management, succession, individual development! These are concepts that have found increasing acceptance. However, their realization seems difficult and requires a proper and realistic understanding of the status quo of the organization’s manpower. 

How can one reach to such an understanding? If it is necessary, the special characteristics of individuals and groups active in the organization should be analyzed and assessed. However, how do we go about this task so that it does not take on the aspect of interrogation and criticism?  Or does not lead to the organization’s human resources becoming concerned about lay off? Or on the other hand, assessments do not roll back to the emptiness of a few superficial tests of psychology and personality recognition? 

The answer is “Assessment and Development Center.” In these centers behavioral simulation is used for recognition of the individual’s actual characteristics and potential capabilities in this manner that volunteers are observed both as individuals as well as in group and as a member of a group. Their conspicuous behavioral traits in the general, specialized and occupational spheres are compared with the benchmark and superior indicator.

“Recognizing’ individual capacities and “acknowledgement” of strengths and improvability characteristics is a big preliminary step. This recognition takes place at the “assessment” stage and corresponding to it the most optimal programs and teachings with a high probability of success can be supplemented with it.

Implementation of assessment center in simple language

The assessment center is a short experimental course. It is a one to three-day program in the course of which 4, 6, 8 or 10-person groups of volunteers (managers, employees, recruitment registrants or eligible applicants) is organized. Individuals and these groups are exposed to various methods and tools of assessment. On the basis of the individual’s performance in different parts of this program, a report is compiled concerning the merits, strengths, psychological characteristics and requirements of successful performance.         


Key features of Assessment Center:

Among the unique characteristics of the assessment center is utilization of simulation exercises so that individuals are faced with actual problems. It is necessary that a team of professional assessors, in different situations and diverse methods analyze the performance of each individual so that assessment biases and errors reach to a minimum. Using diverse analytical tools and advanced and recently developed techniques that are in keeping with the country’s cultural and indigenous conditions help in giving a more accurate assessment and raising the method’s soundness. What is of importance is the use of this tool for development, empowerment and talent-discovery.

Advantages of assessment center

  • It is a tool that helps in self-knowledge of individuals
  • Individuals become acquainted with different and multilateral viewpoints of their behaviors and capabilities
  • It is a rare opportunity for displaying the potential and hidden capabilities of individuals that are impossible to identify in the work environment and without observation
  • The report is feedback of a referable document  for introducing the individual’s capabilities to others
  • Days at the center are themselves a useful experience for empowerment.
  • The educational and developmental programs are prepared in individual form with the help of the center’s results and feedback reports thereby facilitating the individual’s guidance and development;
  • The individual development program which is made possible by mutual interaction with the individual (and depending on the circumstances, with the manager) is an appropriate career roadmap.

How we guide you (the Center’s process)

First step: the assessment center’s designing program

  • Defining and model-building behaviors and merits that are important and key to the success of individuals in their profession and occupation as well as in fulfilling their aspirations
  • Designing different exercises appropriate of merits under consideration that individuals attend either in group or individual form.

Second step: the assessment center’s implementation

  • Analyzing behavior of each individual in each one of the exercises under supervision of a number of professional assessors;
  • Exchanging information and dialogues of assessors (Washup) and outcome of series of observations of their performance by assessors and final recognition.    

Third step: the assessment center’s presentation of results

  • Presenting certificate or validation of individual and managerial merits;
  • Presenting individual feedback reports comprising of description, result of tests, analyses of the individual’s special characteristics and recommendations of developing and upgrading every merit;
  • Presenting general and open reports for the organization and the applicant manager.

**of course, the individual feedback report is absolutely confidential and shall be sent solely for the volunteering person.

Fourth step: individual development program and professional development academies

  • Presenting individual development program (IDP)
  • Defining synchronized development
  • Programs matching the individual’s conditions and merits of consideration including: simulation, role-playing and interactive learning.

Advantages of utilizing the services of the Industrial Management Organization’s Assessment and Development Center 

  • foremost organization of development and indigenization assessment center in the country;
  • extensive team of certified and independent professional assessors
  • continual specialized and experimental training for assessors and executive team of the Organization’s assessment and development center;
  • unique experiences in the sphere of designing and implementation of the assessment and development center in more than 70 organizations and private and public assessment centers;
  • presence of a reservoir of diverse alumni graduated from various assessment centers organized over time;
  • designing indigenous, specific and special competency models matching needs;
  • equipped with various types of tools and indigenized case studies corresponding to the country’s cultural and social conditions;
  • equipped with variety of psychological tools in the form of standard internet tests;
  • preparing useful analytical feedback reports containing valuable and effective items;     
  • presenting personal feedback to volunteers and assisting in transfer and understanding the report’s items of information;  
  • Cooperation with professional and specialist international centers in the sphere of knowledge development and tools of assessment center and management of human resources.

The assessment center’s experience in the organization’s environment

We have created an environment in which there is sufficient and equitable opportunity for actualization and manifestation of capabilities and talents of individuals.

Our specialists in the assessment and development center have initially described the assessed merits and behavioral instances and have chosen various types of tools appropriate for assessment. These instances are then observed and assessed in individuals by making use of behavioral simulation and designing diverse tools (primary and secondary). A secure assessment atmosphere has been designed for volunteers and actual conditions have been prepared. Moreover, efforts are made to implement the center in the form of a pleasant, cordial and informative experience for volunteers and applicants.  “Judgment” is a rational tool of the assessment center that ought to be undertaken professionally and be removed from bias and partiality. Thus, throughout the center’s implementation process, our independent and professional assessors assess the individual according to calibrated standards and tools. The result of all these efforts is reliable, analytical, unbiased and explicit reports about the individual’s characteristics, capabilities and psychological conditions – that are prepared in interaction with the individual and by taking into consideration his wants. This report determines his roadmap to growth, individual development as well as his professional and managerial progress.  It needs to be explained that the path to his individual development and merits are in line with inherent characteristics including personality traits, motives, interests, values and individual perceptions.

For information of details and manner of doing the job, fees and any other clarification, please contact our consultants.             

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