Professional Consultancy based on Professional Principles

Existential consultancy and research philosophy of the Industrial Management Organization

In a major part of the Industrial Management Organization’s history, the consultancy and research department have been the two main pillars of the slogan “consultancy, training, research” and were counted as the nerve center and main focus of the organization’s business.

In other words, the organization’s design structure was such that the outflow of completed research work is directed towards consultancy programs and the sum total of the outflow of consultancy research and projects implemented is directed towards training. Therefore, the type of designing and organization structure is still unique in the country from the aspect of practical application of theoretical findings (making use of indigenous research and investigation findings in offering consultancy to business and organizations as well as benefiting from empirical findings) and as a result of creating educational platforms based on experiences gained from undertaking consultancy projects in economic institutions and establishments.   

The Industrial Management Organization’s Charter of Professional Ethics
  • Always, everywhere and in all conditions I see the Great God to be present and watching over my work and I sincerely seek His Approval.
  • I believe that management is a creative and fruitful system for best exploitation of the limited material and human resources on the way to economic and social development.
  • I seek not only that my work and behavior is a good indicator of a professional expert in management and a good example of the organization’s performance; rather, the ideas and yardsticks of my professional and personal life become so lofty and brilliant so that it enhances in raising my organization’s professional standing and reputation.
  • I shall continually strive to acquaint the people of Iran’s public opinion with the philosophy, concepts, applications and benefits of the knowledge of management.
  • I consider the Organization and myself to be at the service of the customer and give priority to his interest.
  • I have sense of agreement with the customer and in all stages of performing service I place myself in his situation and evaluate the results of my job from his point of view.
  • I am aware of the final results of the task and the effectiveness of the proposed solutions and strive to reconcile the theoretical ideals with actual conditions and requirements of life in the most productive manner.
  • Regard all information and secrets related to the customer that are obtained through implementation of projects and other communications to be confidential.
  • I am never content with my professional ability and continually strive to expand the scope of knowledge and professional expertise to the limit of my personal potential and capability.
  • I strive to have the disposition of a perfectionist and a difficult to please taste individual in performance and evaluation of the job. To avoid uniformity in applying an established solution to problems and to turn my back on everyday values and reconciliations.
  • Consider myself responsible in relation to the outcome of my projects and actions and not carry out any job unless that I have prior assurance that the benefits gained from my action shall be more than the costs involved for its implementation.
Social Responsibilities

The Organization’s team is very optimistic of the energy derived from synergy for daily increase in capacity-building of each and every one of the beneficiaries. By joining its capabilities with the capabilities of the rest of the country’s industries, organizations, institutions and businesses, it seeks to facilitate solving the country’s problems by giving priority to the economy and industry and this is not possible without your (managers, industrialists, employers, pundits, policymakers etc …) support.  

The Industrial Management Organization considers itself responsible and committed to using all its potential and actual capacities in conjunction with the rest of the key beneficiaries for eliminating the existing challenges and making use of opportunities available to the people of Iran and the region.

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