Consultancy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

“Corporate social responsibility means how the company earns income and not how it spends its income.”

“Social Responsibility is a strategic competitive advantage for companies and not a tool of relief to charity affairs – that too, of the monetary assistance type! In his famous book “Competitive Strategy”, Michael Porter emphasizes that the dimensions of responsibilities that a company must take into consideration for itself, the economy, the society and the environment is far greater than the overflow of a small part of its income and activities as donation, charity and public utility.

In explaining the pyramid of corporate social responsibility, the famous author and researcher Archie Carol considers the most fundamental responsibility of any company to be its economic responsibility. This means that an economic corporation cannot survive without financial benefit and making money. After that come the business’s legal and ethical responsibilities. This means creation of income and wealth must have comprehensive benefit for all present and future beneficiaries. In the end, he mentions the responsibilities of charity and public utility. This means that special attention must be paid to the strata needing assistance or the society’s low income and vulnerable sections as well.

In fact, it is expected of companies and economic and business corporations to think of profitability and earning income through sound methods, right processes, lawful and above-standard activities and generate long-term and sustainable results.

Three main pillars of corporate sustainability

Profit | People | Planet

The three main pillars of corporate sustainability consist of: Simultaneous focus on the company’s benefits and profitability; focus on employees and people of the society and focus on optimal utilization of resources and environmental protection. Inattention to any one of these pillars shall lead to relative defeat and failure of the business and in the long term it shall cause problems for the economy and society. In a brief summarization, companies must simultaneously take their economic, social and environmental responsibilities seriously.

How do we guide you?

Social responsibility with creation and promotion of a multidimensional and global perspective causes every move and activity of the organization to have a perfect and profound ethical dimension. Therefore, before everything else, initially the management team must be aware of the impact of the company’s decisions and activities on the economy, the society and the environment and accept and define its role responsibly. For this purpose, by utilizing various promotional, awareness-creating systems, training courses and workshops for the entire setup, we facilitate the conditions for development of thinking capacity and empowerment.

On the other hand, the managerial and organizational aspects of social responsibility require designing model, compiling roadmap, implementing programs and evaluation. By making use of available experiences in this field, internal and external model-adoption and applying methods and applied tools corresponding to the capability and nature of every organization this specialized knowledge can be explained properly and its results guaranteed. Towards this end, we accompany you by offering consultancy and research services. Similarly, we consider it our duty, to assist the employer’s team in continuing with implementation of tasks and consistency of results.

For realization of the aforesaid objectives, our specialized and experienced consultants in the sphere of corporate social responsibility offer unique services (consultation, management, training and research) to Iranian companies and organizations.

One of the important subjects is transparency. It is important and extremely effective to present reports of consistency (even though it has still not become a legal requirement) together with the company’s performance reports and financial operation. We shall actively participate and be with you in a comprehensive and integrated planning that provides for the conditions of social responsibility from various aspects. We assist in presenting operating results obtained in the form and framework of reporting and deploying appropriate tools and media to all legitimate beneficiaries and trustees. Moreover, we also create the process of continual improvement so that this important thing is always in the works so that the long-term results and effects of the company’s activity are guaranteed and published. 

  • Feasibility, restoration and setting up infrastructures of social responsibility management
    • Compiling objectives, strategies and programs of corporate social responsibility and stability
    • Preparing roadmap of implementation and execution of corporate social responsibility and stability activities
    • Adopting models from similar international companies and organizations in the desired industry of the company’s field of activity  
    • Designing model of social responsibility and stability for companies on the basis of global standards such as SDG
    • Identifying, analyzing and prioritizing beneficiaries in corporate social responsibility and stability
    • Identifying key subjects and needs and expectations in the present and future of corporate social responsibility and stability
  • Compiling and presenting corporate social responsibility and stability reports
    • Preparing corporate social responsibility and stability report in line with model of organizational excellence based on ISO 26000
    • Preparing annual performance report with corporate stability approach for companies listed on stock exchange as well as non-listed companies on the basis of GRI
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Management systems and processes
    • Compiling manuals and procedures related to corporate social responsibility and stability
    • Designing and compiling evaluation indexes of corporate social responsibility and stability
    • Production of contents and development of data management portal in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and stability
    • Establishing and installing corporate social responsibility and stability department or services center
  • Empowerment of manpower in the sphere of social responsibility
    • Expansion of manpower capacities at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels
    • Training managers and specialists in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and stability
    • Training evaluators and experts in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and stability reporting
    • Organizing conferences, seminars and symposiums in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and stability
    • Organizing training courses and workshops in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and  stability and business ethics
    • Organizing specialized management MBA courses in corporate social responsibility and  stability exclusively for various industries
  • Social responsibility of Iran Khodro Group of Companies
  • Social responsibility of Tehran Municipality Services Organization
  • Social responsibility of International Energy Studies Institute
  • International framework of social responsibility (GRI) of Middle East Mines and Mining Industries Development Holding Company (MIDCO)
  • International standard in the sphere of enduring urban development (ISO 37120) of Tehran Municipality subsidiaries
  • Implementing precepts of social responsibility of economic establishments and organizations of city of Tehran
  • Foodstuffs and edibles
  • Pharmaceutical and sanitation
  • Environment and health
  • Steel, copper and aluminum
  • Supermarket chains
  • Mines
  • Automobile and spare parts
  • Tourism
  • Clothing
  • Oil, gas and petrochemicals
  • Urban management
  • Banking and insurance

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