Introduction to Services: Designing Employee Service Compensation System

If your company’s payment system does not have the ability to compensate for the effort and hard work of your employees, you shall be faced with a number of problems as: you shall have listless employees that do not have much of a motivation for accepting new responsibilities and do not show creativity in their job. Even if these employees maintain their work conscience or do not follow the path of shortchanging, the quality of their work inevitably declines and they can no longer be expected to cooperate beyond their duties as well. 

The wide scope of activity of organizations and the nature of their diverse duties necessitates that every company choose and retain its human resources in all levels of the organization at the highest level of knowledge, efficiency and responsibility. For this reason, the company’s wages and salaries system (as one of the items of the basket of service compensation) ought to be designed in a such a way that – in spite of difficulties, shortage of specializations and conditions of job demand and supply in the market – it is able to attract and retain more suitable individuals.   

What is the service compensation system?   

Achieving strategic objectives and their materialization requires a system and an order that can employ and retain efficient manpower, realize the development of mental health of manpower and augment the company’s competitiveness. If the service compensation system is well-designed and appropriate with the needs of employees, it shall prepare the groundwork for fostering economic security – as one of the critical factors of intellectual and social security – for employees and will lead to boosting their motivation, increasing organizational loyalty and quality of work performed, products and work results. However, insufficient attention to this system causes an organization to suffer from the problem of employing and retaining suitable workforce and shall be one of the grounds for employees quitting service and the organization losing this critical asset. Numerous factors are involved in fostering and enhancing organizational loyalty – which is a prerequisite of quality assurance of work and effectiveness of results – that are called the three (3) P’s or the three dimensions of payment.

How do we guide you?

By making use of the reliable and latest global models, profound knowledge and understanding of the country’s work culture, analyses of the reliable data banks of the payment situation in the society and lessons learned and experiences gained from diverse projects, we at the Industrial Management Organization are able to design and implement a fair and effective payment system that meets the needs of employers and is an optimal solution for solving challenges arising from external and internal factors of companies. 


In designing the service compensation system, we go with you through the seven below stages:      

  • Understanding the current situation of the service compensation system; analyzing the parameters such as objectives, strategies and structure (through examining documents and documented evidences and conducting specialized interviews).
  • Selecting and designing models on the basis of results obtained from job analyses).
  • Determining fiscal requirements and parameters based on management principles and theories;
  • System implementation using actual data and computing and determining the financial liability on the basis of legal requirements;
  • System implementation in the employer’s environment (together with training key individuals in the process and answering the questions of employees during and after implementation of system);
  • Empowering managers for understanding the prototype, continual implementation of system as well as annual and periodic observations of the service compensation system.


Advantages of using the Industrial Management Organization’s service of designing service compensation system

The executive team of wages and salaries system in the Industrial Management Organization always makes use of the cooperation of the employer’s team in all stages of drafting and implementation so that while boosting the quality of work, transfer of knowledge and experience in the work process takes place as well. By means of designing a logical, equitable and fair system, we strive in order to attract the cooperation of managers and employees and to facilitate acceptance of change as well as furnish job vitality for the employer and colleagues.

The Industrial Management Organization prepares and designs a specific and appropriate solution for every employer. In order to provide service at reasonable and economical rates, we also utilize global and the Organization’s indigenized standards and prototypes. However, we never provide a copied version of a prototype to the employer without testing its validity and suitability for the customer. We always outline solutions worthy and befitting the company’s status.


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