Introduction to Services: Designing Performance management System

Perhaps you have experienced that whenever you have had a well-considered objective and the path to reaching it was clear for you too, you have realized it with greater ease. Undoubtedly, you have also heard of the recommendation of psychiatrists to reward yourself and somehow be thankful for your effort and success on days when you have done well and made good progress in your plans and carrying out your businesses as well as to censure yourself a little on days of slump and marking time. When you become aware of your performance at the right time and receive the proper feedback, you finish the job with greater motivation and relief. All of these are attainable with planning and determining objective.

It is for this reason that designing and implementing performance management system has been transformed into a necessity because the role of manpower is of critical importance in any organization’s achievement of objectives.

Installation of good management in any organization necessitates creating the favorable and optimal background for utilization of its available resources. Moreover, this thing is not possible unless that a constructive and dynamic environment is created for development of work culture and an accurate and logical assessment of employees is made for favorable and optimal utilization of human resources.

What is performance management system?


                                                                              Operation Planning

                              Operations management


                                                                       Supervision and Guidance

R    Assessment and Improvement of Operation

In the course of operations management, operations managers and supervisors of organizations guide and supervise the department’s operations and employees under their supervision. This process begins with spelling out objectives and planning; is consolidated through teaching and development and guided by coaching. Subsequently too, it leads to supervision and assessment, improvement and feedback, performance reward and recording of results. 

If the implementation of this system is transformed in a win-win experience for managers and employees, it offers important opportunities for identifying needs, organizing activities, continual guidance, strengthening communications and increasing motivation. From the organizational viewpoint, application of performance management system is an unavoidable necessity and no successful organization can be imagined without it.

Impact on the venture’s business

Whenever the performance management system is implemented correctly and continually, the below objectives can be achieved through it:    

  • Review of the organization’s objectives, strategies and programs
  • Synchronization of actions of the departments
  • Realization of organizational learning as well as upgrading theoretical and practical knowledge of fellow employees
  • Identification of the plus points and areas of improvement of employees
  • Identification of employees’ growth and upgrading capabilities
  • Development and improvement of employees
  • Raising efficiency and effectiveness of departments and increase in the organization’s productivity
  • Fair compensation of employee service

With the implementation of the Performance management system and by means of the quantitative and comparable data using specific standards and criteria, the employer will be able to: (1) undertake an accurate assessment of departments and individuals and come to know of the capabilities and shortcomings of plans and actions as well as of available manpower and  also (2) take into consideration certain steps for actualization of potential capabilities of individuals and eliminating shortcomings. The outcome of these actions shall be the increased employee motivation, creation of required dynamism in the work environment and raising work efficiency of individuals.

How do we guide you?  

Identifying objectives, strategy, structure

Designing appropriate assessment model

Designing Pilot system and test

Upgrading system for creating IT bedrock

Setting up and culture-building

Transferring knowledge and experience

Cooperation and guidance during implementation

In designing the performance management system we accompany you through seven stages:

  • Identifying objectives, strategies, structures, current status of the performance management system (through studying and analyzing the employer’s documents and documentary evidences and expectations concluded from interview sessions);
  • Choosing and designing the appropriate assessment model on the basis of results obtained from analyses and identification;
  • Designing system and testing it in the employer’s environment;
  • Providing designing and simulated system (prototype) to the employer’s systems and methods team as well as to the information technology department and collaboration with the technical team assigned for creating the IT bedrock and implementing the system; 
  • Setting up and culture-building the system’s implementation (through training key individuals in the process, responding to questions of employees during and after the system’s implementation);
  • Transferring knowledge and experience to the senior management team and also relevant officials for creating the bedrock of continual improvement and optimal implementation of system in the long-term;
  • Collaborating with and guiding the employer’s team during a period of complete implementation of the performance management system.

Benefits of using the Industrial Management Organization’s service of designing performance management system   

In the Industrial Management Organization, we have total experience and capability in designing performance management system matching the employer’s existing conditions and future plans. Assistance and cooperation in the systems installation and setting up in various aspects (hardware, software and knowledge software) has enabled us to provide a comprehensive and wide-ranging service that responds quite well to the employer’s needs.

By employing specialist and multi-discipline manpower (having experience in several specialized fields) we are committed to offering the best and most suitable solution to the employer. In designing the employee assessment model, we have made use of professional “competency model” specialists and have succeeded in matching model to global conditions (global data banks) by means of selection and comparative analyses of industry. This is how we set up an effective performance management system for you.

What else we offer you!

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