Financial Management Consultancy

Almost in all definitions of the science of management, two key elements are observed quite clearly and specifically:

Planning and control:

These two concepts play a role before and after the commencement of the organization’s operation and both of them find their actual and final meaning with monetary and financial measurement. 

With this definition, organizing the financial affairs of any organization from all dimensions of strategy, structure, process and financial systems (method) shall be of the duties of financial management.

By nature, financial affairs as conclusive system is informed of all the organization’s operations so that by providing essential financial statements and management reports, it presents an appropriate picture of the organization.  

In the first place financial information is of importance to the external beneficiaries. A group of these beneficiaries as a result of legal requirements and another group because of interests of shareholding, competition, credit and investment potential pay special attention to this information.

On the other hand, beneficiaries within the organization too with different motives including, managerial, specialized, personnel etc … show interest in these information.

This classification has caused the occurrence and appearance of two areas of operation in financial affairs that in a specialized definition are divided as below:

  • Financial accounting (with the objective of external reporting)
  • Management accounting (with the objective of internal reporting)

Services offered by the Organization in the sphere of financial consultancies


  • By laying emphasis on the four mentioned aspects – strategy, structure, system and process – in providing its consultancy services to companies, institutions and organizations, the Industrial Management Organization has chosen a viewpoint that in a comprehensive and systematic form – with access to other specialized aspects needed by businesses in the spheres of operation, human resources, marketing and sales, procurement and logistics, information technology, quality etc … – furnishes a bedrock so that in providing financial consultancy service to its contractors, it does not advance solely by focusing on the specialized sphere of finance and accountancy; rather, it should pay sufficient attention to the rest of the effective work aspects and likewise, to the four aforesaid management tools as well.
  • The organization’s services in the sphere of financial-designing consultancy (system, structure, process)
    • Designing comprehensive financial system
    • Designing cost price system (product, service)
    • Designing comprehensive system of compiling and controlling budget (operation, investment, cash)
    • Designing management reports system
    • Designing internal audit system
    • Designing financial affairs and accounting structure and organization
    • Designing and compiling special-purpose financial and accounting processes
  • The organization’s services in the sphere of financial consultancy – customized studies
    • Performing diagnostic studies, defining problem and designing solution for financial affairs of contractors
    • Implementing strategic reduction of management expenses plan
    • Feasibility of designing and installing cost price system
    • Financial analyses and assessment of industries / businesses by order
    • Assessment and selection of enterprise resource programming (ERP) software befitting applicant employers
    • Formulating financial strategy (at the performance level) matching the directional constituents as well as business and establishment level strategy
  • The Organization’s services in the sphere of financial consultancy – consultancy
    • Investment consultancy (stock exchange, partnership, merger, ownership)
    • Compiling technical – economic justification plan (Feasibility Studies – FS)
    • Evaluating the shares of companies
    • Supervising the process of installation and implementation of information systems with financial focus
    • Providing assessment services of the specialist and technical merits of manpower working in financial affairs of companies
    • Providing individual and departmental development in financial affairs befitting the entire company
    • Taxation consultancy
  • Some of the services offered by the Organization in the sphere of financial consultancy
    • Designing comprehensive financial systems
    • Designing costing system of products in industrial plants
    • Designing costing system of services in service units
    • Conducting feasibility studies of designing and installing finished system
    • Analyzing efficiency and productivity of financial resources utilized in business units
    • Conducting studies and assessing financial situation and performance of various industries
    • Providing optimal analysis model and risk management of investment projects
    • Diagnosing the liquidity system
    • Designing integration model of financial information systems
    • Conducting strategic cost reduction studies
    • Programming accounting information systems
  • Cost reduction of Iran Tractor Manufacturing and Casting Company
  • Detailed designing of comprehensive financial systems (costing, budget, treasury, fixed assets, financial accounting and warehouse) – Arta Plast Company
  • Designing cost accounting system of Polour Sabz Company
  • Designing cost analyses models for expanding administrative units of the Social Security Organization’s medication department
  • Financial and computational services of Iran Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)
  • Investment research of Touga Foulad Mapna Company
  • Installing management accounting system of Parsian High-Tension Electricity Substation Company
  • Identifying and diagnosing plan and budget system of Social Security Organization
  • Financial risk analyses of Iran Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)
  • Designing and model building financial management system of Diesel Sangin Iran Company (DESA)
  • Designing and model building financial management system of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Mills
  • Financial management consultancy of Shahab Shams Designing and Engineering Company
  • Designing and model building the financial management system of Iran Chemical Industries
  • Designing financial management system of Saipa Sazeh Gostar Company
  • Designing financial management system of Azar Refractory Products Industries
  • Designing financial management system of Iran Metal Industries
  • Financial management system of Electro Kaveh Company
  • Conceptual designing of cost accounting of the Social Security Organization’s Advanced Research Institute
  • Costing of Khak Technical and Mechanical Laboratory
  • Costing of Iran Pipe and Machine Tools Company
  • Financial plan and performance management of East Azerbaijan Telecommunications Company
  • Financial and computational consultancy of Iran Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)

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