Health, Safety and Environment Management Consultancy (HSE)

Nowadays, it is not only the growth and development of companies that are important; rather, ongoing and logical development together with the rest of the beneficiaries have found a special place in the opinions of global, national and corporate policy-makers.  Witness to that are the establishing and development of international conventions (among them the Kyoto Accord) and obligation to observe them and approval of measures and responsibilities for countries, governments and consequently, corporations. In these circumstances, corporations that desire to go further than the obligations and establish a superior place for themselves need to provide the necessary infrastructures and pay attention to the important and essential internal and external organizational elements including:

  • Manpower (Human resources)
  • Regional and global environment and ecosystem

In the sphere of human resources, “safety and health” are not only the dilemma of the company and its employees; rather, it is also a subject that is of concern to families of employees, the unions and society – as the bedrock of growth and living space of employees – and numerous national and international agreements have been compiled and published for them.

“Work for belter living,” we all work in order to make the circumstances and life better for ourselves and our near and dear ones; and it is for this reason that any harm to the individual’s health or to his environment and hygiene threatens or even destroys this overall objective. Thus, the famous slogan that “No work is so important that we perform it unsafely” has become popular.

If a company is faced with numerous accidents for its employees so that it leads to their leaving the job, premature disability, many insurance and non-insurance damages, loss of investment and invaluable human experiences, decrease in productivity due to  body, skeletal-muscular injuries etc … or numerous incidents occur in it that inflict damages on the living environment and ecosystem close to or far from it and end up in colossal environmental penalties, it is necessary for it to create or strengthen its health, safety and environment management (HSE) system.

How do we help you?

By putting together a systematic approach, the Industrial Management organization provides a new, effective and efficient elixir for solving the problems of organizations in this field. Our recommendations can rid you of the current problems with the desired speed. We furnish bedrock so that not only are the organization’s financial resources not wasted every now and then on damages; rather, by preserving the human and environmental assets, on the one hand, the psychic needs of employees is met and on the other hand, the organization’s name and brand gains the reputation of that of creating a healthy environment for employees (so that everybody is eager to join and collaborate with it) and being environment-friendly as well.

Our job involves these stages: precise definition of the problem, understanding the organizational psychology, utilizing knowledge, systems, software, tools, equipment and latest global technologies upon the request and need of the companies and assisting in institutionalizing subjects related to HSE such that it is transformed into organizational culture.

Our key principles:

  • Matching systems and tools with facilities, empowerments and needs of the company, the society and the environment;
  • Striking balance between the obligations, laws and legal requirements and the company’s capability based on related sphere of activity;
  • Creating an integrated perception of activities and measures and management of effects as well as direct and indirect consequences of activities on safety, health and environment.
  • Understanding and promoting culture of foresight and long-term perception for improving, amending and achieving result;
  • Preservation and management of the organization’s resources

We have made the basis of our thinking, behavior and speech those principles and values that are in harmony with this type of services and lay the groundwork for realization of supreme objectives in this sphere. Some of these principles are thus:

  • Humane and positive outlook
  • Belief in that any harm to a person or the environment is a loss to the entire society and the regional and global ecosystem;
  • Motivation and participation of all employees;
  • Changing the organizational culture and perception towards giving importance to safety, health and environment;
  • Growth in individual, corporate and social sense of responsibility at all levels of the organization;  

The point worth reflecting on is that in designing and installing the aforesaid constituents, it is carried out in such a manner that the uniformity of the systems as well as their compatibility and symmetry is adhered to and the possibility of receiving optimal output parallel to the organization’s executive and operational systems is facilitated and the utilization of these tools and systems do not lead to the organization’s decreased efficiency and productivity (it is evident that in case of the organization’s request for deepening a system or specific tools, the possibility exists of providing additional services in that sphere). 

  • Consultancy services
    • Designing and installing various management systems such as ISO 14001, ISO 45000, HSE
    • Designing systems and mechanisms of identification and management of risk
    • Ergonomic analyses of work environment
    • Determining control measures and approaches for safety and environmental dangers management;
    • Integration of executive actions management with safety, health and environment  results derived from them and optimizing outputs befitting governing conditions;
    • Improving and raising performance of the safety, health and environment systems by means of getting rid of communicational   drawbacks and problems with the rest of the organization’s systems  (that some of these improvements can be made in the form of a supplementary and independent project according to the company’s envisaged need and depth)     
  • Executive services
    • Designing and implementing fire alarm and extinguishing systems;
    • Supervising implementation of HSE systems
    • Designing and installing structures for dealing with risks
    • Supervising performance of executive departments by means of environment and safety monitoring;
    • Installing reporting systems and analyzing performance results of safety, health and environment systems;
    • Manpower management and sourcing;
    • Identifying and managing risks and preparing risk-confrontation plans and control measures together with their implementation and execution;
    • Definition and management of selection, maintenance and distribution of PPE and GPE
  • Empowerment and training of specialist manpower services
    • Training specialists in various spheres according to the type of activity and industry; for example:
    • safety specialist of welding storage tanks, enclosed areas, pipelines etc …
    • Safety specialist of working with dangerous gases such as H2S etc …
    • Safety specialist of working offshore
    • Specialist fire-fighter
  • Etc …
    • Training specialist in troubleshooting and risk management
    • Training specialist in work-environment analyses and its improvement
    • Training specialist in deployment of tools, software or specific system in the sphere of safety, health and environment;

What else we offer you!

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