Introducing the Human Resources management field of service

“Inactivity is the mother of all diseases.” We have heard this phrase often in the sphere of health. Its equivalent in the area of business management and administration of organizations is that “problems in the sphere of human resources is the main cause of all failures of businesses.” Many managers complain of the difficulties of employing manpower matching with their organization’s needs; or are dissatisfied with the failure of human resources management processes such as system of compensation of service or operations management and essentially, find it difficult to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals. They believe that if they succeed in solving these issues and have individuals with high potentials and motivation at their disposal, they shall not find it very difficult to solve the operational and implementation problems of their businesses. To put it more clearly, senior managers of organizations usually know the path to overcoming crises and solving their business problems but are unable to implement these solutions because of the incompetency of their colleagues.

If you too are a manager that is faced with such problems, our consultants can offer the most appropriate and effective operational approaches for solving your problems.

How we guide you?

  1. Unity a problem for every customer
  2. Necessity of having grasp of the unique characteristics of Iran’s society
  3. Necessity of having the latest knowledge

Three key principles of the Industrial Management Organization as consultant:

The Industrial Management Organization assures its customers to provide the most appropriate and efficient operational solutions for the problems of its customers based on these three principles.

We assist in offering human resources consultancy so that initially you have a better understanding of your problems and their causes. Towards this end we have a number of approaches to dealing with issues and offer a range of solutions corresponding to them. 

Problem of the first type: Perhaps you know that there exists a problem, a complication and a wrong but you do not know its main cause. Often you do not know the treatment or do not trust the reliability of solutions mentioned in textbooks and articles and your own experiences; or basically you know that your problem is how to strengthen the complex and enhance its capability but you do not know from where and how to start and how to create the bedrock, the culture and the capacity. We can offer the best solution to each of these situations and get rid of and manage your anxieties in a befitting manner.

Problem of the second type: Perhaps you are a newly-established organization and have yet to establish your systems, standards and processes; or are an organization that in the process of growing have not thought about the question of systematization and consolidation of your organization or have not succeeded in taking effective steps at implementing them; or you are a bureaucratic organization whose defined systems lack uniformity and harmony; or perhaps you have disjointed and insular processes that even from certain aspects are in conflict and discordant with one another and have paved the way for the organization’s weakening. In each of these state of affairs, by designing and creating standard and customized systems for you (by establishing procedures, manuals, process and system infrastructures) we help you to establish a full-fledged organization.

Question of the third type: the organization is guided and operates through individuals (managers and employees) especially if your organization is human resourced, knowledge-based and newly established – that because the system has not taken shape, the individual has an extremely effective role in it. By means of enhancing capabilities of individuals, attracting talents and developing the future generation of the organization as well as future successors, we assist in organizational strengthening and coherence and in perpetuation and survival of your organization.

  • Problem-finding and infrastructures of Human Assets management
    • Pathology of human resources
    • Compiling human resources strategy
    • Auditing and development of organizational culture
  • Human resources management systems and processes
    • Establishing department of Human Resources Management
    • Designing and installing Human Resources management systems
  • Admission and Employment
  • Performance and incentive management
  • Job classification and analyses of occupation
  • Employment Services compensation (salary, wages and benefits)
  • Employee training and development (assessment of needs, planning and implementation)
  • Promotion, successor-nurturing and career roadmap
  • Evaluation, training and development of individuals
    • Planning and organizing evaluation, admission and employment centers
    • Planning and organizing evaluation of individuals’ development centers
    • Planning and implementing development programs of managers and leaders evaluation, admission and employment associations
    • Planning and implementing organizational talent and successor-training management programs
    • Offering coaching and monitoring services to managers
  • Other services
    • Setting up internal evaluation centers
    • Providing quality certificate and auditing of evaluation centers
    • Legal and civil consulting
    • Professional evaluator development academy
    • Skills development academy
  • Compiling the Strategic Human Resources plan of Fanavaran Petrochemical Company
  • Diagnoses, training and compiling strategic human resources plan of Gol Gohar company
  • Consulting human resources services of Tehran Water and Sewage company – district 2
  • Development and improvement of managers of Shiva Manufacturing
  • Testing and measuring satisfaction, loyalty and devotion of the employees of Hamrah Awwal Company
  • Enhancing human resources of Khorasan Steel Company
  • Human resources management of Iran Bisotoun Sazi Company
  • Diagnosing human resources of Saipa Rayan Company
  • Testing and measuring satisfaction and loyalty of the employees of Energy Industries Designing and Engineering Company
  • Optimization of human resources process of Iran’s outstanding companies
  • Designing human resources management systems of Iran Khodro Casting Company
  • Pathology of human resources of Raham Pars Company
  • Raising efficiency of human resources of Kerman Water Company
  • Manpower employment of Social Security Organization
  • Designing model of competencies of group managers and implementing evaluation center of the Seda wa Seema Broadcasting Company
  • Service and employment of talented human resources of Kordestan Sugar Industries (Madnoush)
  • Diagnoses in the sphere of human resources management of Iran International Engineering Company (IRITEC)
  • Formulating human resources strategy of Iran International Engineering Company (IRITEC)
  • Human Resources Management consultancy services of Arya Sasol Company
  • Pathology in the area of human resources management and providing Petro Pars Company with improvement solutions
  • Identifying and diagnosing human resources management and outlining improvement projects of Southern Pars Gas Complex
  • Designing macro model of human resources and designing management and performance reward system of Petro Pars Company
  • Efficient selection of manpower of Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company
  • Formulating transformation strategies of the human resources management system of the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Commerce
  • Optimization of human resources, financial and productivity indexes of Iran Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)
  • Diagnoses based on human resources excellence model of Tehran Municipality’s District 2
  • Identifying the competence criterion of managers of I.R. Iran Railways Company and implementing the competency development center
  • Preparing and compiling set of human resources systems of Azarvan Company
  • Development program of human resources managers of Persian Gulf Holding and affiliated companies
  • Designing and implementing evaluation and development center of managing directors and managerial personnel of Alifard company
  • Organizing evaluation and development center of managers of the President’s Scientific-Technological Deputy Office
  • Evaluation centers of managers of the Iran Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)
  • Evaluation, placement and employment centers of Mellat Bank
  • Evaluation center of managers of Noga Company
  • Evaluation center of Kordestan Tractor Manufacturing Company
  • Evaluation center of top jobs of Refining and Distribution Company
  • Evaluation center of National Iran Oil Company
  • Evaluation and development center of senior managers of Mellat Bank
  • Designing and implementation of evaluation center of job applicants of Petro Pars Company
  • Evaluation and development center of Tehran Municipality
  • Designing and implementation of identification and development center of the managerial team of Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company
  • Designing and implementation of evaluation and development center of Abzar Sara Company
  • Designing and implementation of identification and development center of Shaygan Pouyan Ayandeh Company
  • Designing general competency model of Andre Meat-processing Company on the basis of identification of objectives and complications of the human resources system
  • Designing and implementation of evaluation and development center of the managers of Shiva Company
  • development center of the managers and experts of Naqsh Awal Kaifiyat (NAK) Company
  • employment evaluation center of State Water and Sewage Company (AIFA)
  • evaluation and development center of the managers of Asia Mines Development Executives Company
  • Designing and implementation of evaluation center of Defense Industries Training and Research Institute
  • Evaluation Center of the managers of Social Security Investment Company
  • Designing competency model and implementing education evaluation center of the Social Security Organization
  • evaluation and development center of the Qeshm Oil and Energy Industries Development Company
  • evaluation and development center of the Branch Vice-Presidents of Ayandeh Bank
  • evaluation center of the Specialist Parent Thermal Electricity Company
  • organizing the manager development center of the National Foundation of Computer Games

What else we offer you!

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