Introduction of service: Job assessment and classification

A rational approach to wages and guarantee of equal and appropriate wage payment in relation to equal job in equal circumstances establishes a right relationship between work force and employer.  There is no agreement, consensus and cooperation if individuals are not precisely aware of their respective duties and responsibilities as well as organizational roles. With the systematization of the work environment and logical and equitable organization removed from every kind of discrimination, the atmosphere of individual motivation and effort increases, the individual work quality goes up and the group and organizational efficiency and productivity is boosted.

In any company, the implementation of the job classification plan has tangible and decisive impact. This includes organizing and systematizing of the organizational structures, helping in job engineering, spelling out the wages and salaries and minimum service compensation system, drafting and compiling the personnel and employment rules (promotion and employment), manpower training and development planning, preparing and compiling standards of job skills, manpower planning as well as helping in the system of employment, keeping and retirement from service of employees.

Assessment and classification of jobs from viewpoint of labor laws

In order to prevent forced labor and exploitation of other’s labor and to establish wage parity appropriate with the job market, the general office of labor relations and service compensation in the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare has spelled out and designed a singular system for job assessment.  This plan is implemented uniformly and comprehensively for all workshops. According to the law, all units subject to the labor law that have at least 50 workers (including both temporary and permanent) are required to implement the job classification program and other than this case shall be subject to Article 50 of the Labor law.  

How do we guide you?

By providing services of designing organizational structure, service compensation systems (reward and incentives), performance management and job analyses services, the Industrial Management Organization is capable of providing comprehensive services and guaranteeing the necessary and adequate effectiveness of the program.

Our specialists in the Industrial Management Organization have the qualifications and permission of the Office of Technical Consultancy of Job Classification as well as authorization of the General Office of Labor Relations and Service Compensation of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare. Similarly, we have a team consisting of management consultants and professional and experienced specialists (in various areas of organization and management) that support and cooperate with the designers of job classification. With the close cooperation of these two teams we are able to prepare and compile the job classification program matching the nature of the business as well as the needs and state of affairs of relevant employees and managers.

Principal Stages of the Job Classification Process

Prior to arranging the classification requirements, initially the necessary recommendations are presented about reviewing the structure of the fundamental pillars on the basis of the company’s approved mission and strategies. The first step of the classification program consists of designing the company’s detailed organization job title structure to the lowest position job and preparing and listing the title and job structure. Our specialists (by means of interview, distributing questionnaires and observation) gather the necessary information concerning the jobs and positions and thereafter go on to prepare various tables of points (consisting of job, supervisory and work conditions, job and job title identities, compilation of manuals and the program’s  implementation criteria points).

In case according to the law, the employer is bound to implement the job classification plan, the necessary assistances for sending the prepared reports to the General Office of Labor Relations and service compensation is given and necessary cooperation for following up the instances related to specialist work up to relevant endorsements are carried out by this Organization’s specialists.  

The next step is conforming employees to the job classification program and its implementation. With the help of the relevant authorities of the human resources department, the consultant team receives the list of information of personnel, salaries and benefits received (while protecting privacy and confidentiality of data) and collaborates with the relevant authorities in carrying out conformity of the individuals’ status (that should be based on relevant criteria).  Thereafter, the table of employee wages is worked out within the framework of criteria ascertained by the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare.   

The Industrial Management Organization: Chief Consultant of the Founding of Job Classification in the Country:

After approval and implementation of the program, the new regulations of employees are issued. Thereafter, the conceived job classification program shall be put into effect as one of the subsystem processes of service compensation in management of human resources. Towards this end, consultants of the Industrial Management Organization shall continue to work alongside the team as instructors and with consultations over the telephone, provide the necessary consensus and guidance concerning relevant issues.

Advantages of using the Industrial Management Organization’s Job Classification Services

  • Availability of a team of management consultants as well as professional and experienced specialists in diverse spheres of organization and management that assist and cooperate with the job classification planners – possessing certification and permission of the Job Classification Technical Consultancy Office and authorized by the Directorate General of Labor Relations and Service Compensation.
  • Providing comprehensive and integrated services in areas such as designing organization structure, service compensation systems (rewards and incentives), performance management and job analyses, labor relations and laws.
  • The Organization’s numerous experiences in designing job classification system for various big and small, private and government, holding and corporate group industries, companies and organizations.
  • Proficiency over method of “Back pay” calculations on a yearly basis.
  • Abundant experience in the field of adding supplements to implementation criterion including instituting employment (job market allowance), awarding rank.
  • Enjoying flexible tools and software (for wage parity and calculations, Rial index, parity reports, calculation of arrears and issuing verdicts after annual plan and increments).
  • Having comprehensive and complete data bank of job description of various industries and description of standards.

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