Introducing the sphere of Data Management Service

Many managers are faced with losing their treasury and wealth. Of course not material wealth; rather, a data that is with the organization’s employees and experts and which is also lost with the parting of those individuals from the organization. The other problem is that normally, in organizations the right information and sufficient data is not available for decision-taking at the appropriate moment. At times the accumulated experiences and data of veterans and experts are not recorded and the organization has not thought of a solution for transferring data to subsequent generations. In certain organizations, there is no proper access to the valuable learning and experiences (especially of mistakes). Therefore the wheels are reinvented – that too without evolution and change – and these difficulties not only add to costs; rather, they leave behind lost opportunities for companies.

However, what if through solutions, the created data can be developed, exploited and published? Without doubt, if managers and employees have the data and information at their disposal at the right time, they shall not commit repeated mistakes and duplication of working and meanwhile, it shall become easier to overcome crises and business problems.  Such an organization can stay on the track of success and value-creation for long period of time and in the field of competition it can be confident of a learning and data that various generations of its employees have transferred to one another.

If your organization too is grappling with the problem of transfer or management of data, our consultants can solve your problems by providing you the most appropriate and effective operational solutions.

Data management is similar to fire and accident insurance. It is good that we think about it before it is too late!

How we guide you?     

  1. Comprehensive and inclusive view of data management at the organization level
  2. Using the latest tools, findings and achievements of the world
  3. Culture-building at all levels of the organization
  4. Right and prudent decision-taking based on data

Four key principles of the Industrial Management Organization in the position of data management consultant

Based on these principles the Industrial Management Organization assures its clients that it provides the most appropriate and efficient operational solutions for growth and development through data and creation of a learner organization. 

In providing data management consultancy, we help you to initially gain a better understanding of data and discover its worth and power and to see its amazing impact on your performance as well as the required and effective decision-takings.  Depending on your circumstances, our point of entry and approach is different such that:

If data and information as tools of decision-taking are still not being used properly, we in the Industrial Management Organization by designing and installing system, structure, process and human resources collaboration, shall assist you in establishing a culture of data in your organization and advancing the organization’s affairs by using data.

If the importance of data has been sensed but the necessary infrastructures are not in place, by providing the service of “readiness-measurement” and compiling the “data strategy plan” we assist in defining, determining and creating it. Simultaneously, through a systematic and processing view, we strengthen and create systems and requirements of data management according to the feasible programs and install and perfect the stages of the designed system appropriate with the customer’s needs and circumstances. Evidently, the data and contents of the data produced on the basis of information technology and with the backing of relevant tools and technologies are implemented more easily and shall be more useful and effective so that we shall be at your side in this direction as well.

For entering the process of “creation of data up to exploitation and expansion of data” organizations need to have the appropriate infrastructures.

Providing distinctive services

By giving primacy to the below approaches and perspectives, the Industrial Management Organization assures its clients to provide consultancy, training and research services in the field of strategy and transformation accompanied with innovation, stability and focus on social responsibility.

  • Our duty and role is to provide necessary consultations, teach viewpoints and methods appropriate for planning in practice; oversee their correct implementation and guidance of related topics.
  • Our responsibility is to provide customized and high-quality services matching the need and business atmosphere of each client.
  • It is within our capability to provide integrated services (comprising of system designing, empowerment and training, preparing transformation plan, compiling strategic actions and designing cohesive programs as well as their execution and evaluation on the basis of IT tools and capabilities).
  • Preparation consultation in data management
    • Readiness-measurement and data management
    • Formulating data roadmap and strategy
  • Management consultancy in the field of designing system and processes of data management
    • Development of organizational structure based on installation of data management system
    • Collection and documentation of experiences and oral history
  • Management of documents and contents of data
  • Data management approaches using information technology
  • Designing and development of systems and tools of recording, collection, distribution, dissemination and application of data
  • Supervision over designing and development of systems and tools of recording, collection, distribution, dissemination and application of data
  • Others
  • Providing consultancy services for participation in prizes (preparation and capacity-building, assisting in completion of declaration form, participation in the process)
  • Designing data banks of projects of Ehdas Sanat Company (EPC)
  • Documenting the experiences of managers of Iran Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)
  • Compiling the Best Practices of Arak Refinery
  • Documentation of the experiences of Industrial Management Organization’s managers
  • Recording and compiling the Best Practices in the sphere of administrative transformation of the Tehran Municipality
  • Documentation of the experiences in Iran Statistics Center
  • Research of the superiority factors in dialogue with managers of Iran’s best companies
  • Designing and creation of grouping system and measurement of actions and best practices in the sphere of management transformation of Tehran Municipality’s Directorate General of Organizations and Education
  • Designing the storage system of cultural-artistic ideas of Khatam al Awsiya (AS) Foundation
  • Data empowerment of Behnour Technology Company
  • Model-building the data information system of Qods Aircraft Industries

What else we offer you!

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