Introducing the sphere of service of marketing and sales management

Every living creature needs oxygen for perpetuation of its existence. Every organization needs “money” for its survival and success – and to secure, guarantee and return of money to the organization’s body is also the dilemma of “marketing and sales.” This task requires information from inside and outside the company as well as environmental information so that the decision-taking is timely and right as otherwise, not only additional expenses are created; rather, the possibility of restoration and recovery of your valuable business is lost!

If until now you have not taken marketing and sales seriously, you have put at risk the life of your organization and business.

Now we are faced with two questions: one, how to manufacture a product desired by the customer and with what special features ship it to the market?  And two, how to convert the manufactured product with the most appropriate pricing and supply methods and taste-orientation into money? The answer to the first question (meaning knowledge of competitors, selection of customer, the customer’s needs and knowledge of the buyer’s behavior) is obtained in the task of “marketing.”  The answer to the second topic (meaning introducing the product, satisfying the customer, shaping customer’s taste, offering the product and receiving monetary and non-monetary returns, creating loyalty and after sales services, optional services and added value) is obtained in the task of “sales”.   

If your organization is faced with the problem of excess inventory of goods in the warehouse or there is a problem in pricing of the product; if you do not know how to introduce your product and persuade and convince customers to purchase; if the conditions of competition are tough and selling goods has become difficult and you are under pressure for decision-taking, planning and course of action; and if you do not know how to establish contact with the customer and to maintain and develop it etc … our consultants can provide you with the most appropriate and efficient operational solutions for solving your problems.  

How do we guide you?

  • Necessity to pay attention to the specific conditions and needs of the customer
  • Necessity to have thorough knowledge of living parameters of Iran’s society
  • Necessity to have the latest knowledge and diverse experiences

Three key principles of the Industrial Management Organization as a consultant: on the basis of these three principles, the Industrial Management Organization assures its clients that it offers the most appropriate and effective operational solutions to the problems of its clients.

In offering marketing and sales management consultancy, we assist in initially identifying problems and requirements specific to you and to arrive at a better understanding of your problems and their causes. Towards this end, our type of consultation varies depending on the below conditions:

Conditions of the first type: You know that the state of your business is not good and there are complications and losses involved but you do not know the chief cause of it and consequently, its treatment; or you do not trust the solutions written in textbooks and articles and do not consider them to suit your conditions; or you do not know from where and how to start and how to furnish the requirements and self-sufficiency and take the first step.

We can offer the best solutions and remove your anxiety in a worthy and assured manner.

Conditions of the second type: you are a newly-established organization that is passing through the stage of growth and maturity and is not proficient in problems related to marketing and sales as well as growth and intense competition; or have experienced pressures arising from impulsive and random decisions and have not been able to take an effective step for them; or are an organization that does not have uniformity and harmony of systems influencing and influenced by sales and marketing. Perhaps, you have individuals and disparate ‘islands’ in the organization that instead of synergy are in disagreement, repulsion and conflict with one another and cohesion is in a state of weakening. 

By designing and creating specific solutions for you (by defining strategies and objectives and plans; defining the effective and operational processes; fostering intra-team synergy and cohesiveness for achieving mutual objectives; training and empowering the marketing and sales team; employing and empowering new teams) we help you to make use of the available opportunities and to attain maturity and perfection as well as better conditions of sale.

Conditions of the third type: your business is experiencing healthy growth and movement, but you would like to step into disparate industries and other specialized fields and increase profitability and dividends of shareholders.

Through market research, designing business model, sales and marketing strategies, evaluation of performance in this sphere and manpower employment, we help in realization of these objectives.

It is not the customer’s duty to remember you; it is your responsibility not to give him the chance to forget you.

Our perspective in the sphere of marketing and sales   

  • Our view of the marketing problems is of the “problem solving” kind. Thus, it is necessary that with your participation, we design and offer solutions matching the problem.
  • Our view to solving the problem is applied and practical, not theoretical. The solution should be such that the client (with the conditions that he has) is able to carry it out on his own.
  • The department of marketing and sales is in interaction with all the internal departments and this must be taken into consideration when finding solutions.
  • Environmental factors (economic, political, societal, cultural etc …) directly and intensely influences the sphere of marketing and sales and need to be taken into consideration in finding solutions.
  • The route to thinking of and finding solutions must be travelled with the presence and active participation of the employer. This task necessitates commitment and participation as well as involvement of the management team, experts and employees of the employer.

We believe one cannot go to war with the complexities of marketing and sales by pre-planning and a ready unfocused product. One must possess the treasure trove of past experiences and lessons learnt, be proficient in national and international research and use them according to the need of the employer so that appropriate, optimal and operational solutions are found out and implemented. 

  • Problem-solving and infrastructures of marketing and sales
    • Auditing of marketing and sales (diagnosing)
    • Formulating strategies and methods of pricing, goods and service management, distribution, advertisements and promotion and sponsorship
    • Formulating and sketching marketing plan
    • Brand and branding management
    • Market research and analyses of local and foreign markets
    • Marketing in the spheres of industry and industrial sectors.
    • Marketing of services
    • Industrial marketing
    • Export marketing
    • Marketing and sales based on digital transformation
  • Systems and processes of marketing and sales management
    • Setting up structure and organizing the activities of marketing department, strengthening marketing manpower and team
    • Setting up structure of the sales department, team building and management of the team’s performance;
    • Designing sales management and planning systems
    • Designing marketing management and planning systems
    • Customer relations management (CRM)
    • Customers club
  • Market research of Pak Teliseh Company
  • Customer relations management of Khuzestan Cement Company
  • Empowerment of marketing and sales of Soheil Durable Bricks Company
  • Research of Iran’s packaging market in collaboration with Roland Berger Consultancy firm
  • Research and analyses of foreign luxury car market in Tehran of Arta Industrial Group
  • Designing and formulating marketing strategies by “Action Learning” method of Patron Group
  • Empowerment in the sphere of market and sales of Pars Ajirak Company
  • Research of the distribution channel of Darab Cement Company
  • Empowerment of marketing and sales of Mazand Metal Industries
  • Formulation of marketing plan of Mobin Azma Teb Company.
  • Expansion of marketing and sales system of Spilt Company
  • Pathology of Bazaar Gostar Pegah Company
  • Formulating marketing and sales strategy of Morghak Company
  • Formulation of marketing strategy of Poly Acryl Company
  • Market research of Sadid Copper and Aluminum
  • Expansion and strengthening sales and marketing engineering department of Damirchi Company
  • Marketing and sales auditing of Kashan Roz Gaz company
  • Market research of Iran in cooperation with Ferguson Consultancy Company
  • Strategic planning of marketing and sales of Pars Ajirak Company
  • Empowerment of sales and marketing department of Arya Ideh Aban Company
  • Determining the training requirements of salesmen of Pakhsh Razi company
  • Designing performance evaluation system of employees of the General Office of Customer Services of Hamrah Awwal Telecommunications Company
  • Definition of target customers and positioning the brands of Jakool and Likool of Kimiyagaran Liya
  • Providing consultancy services of designing process of constant measurement and monitoring customer satisfaction for Saman Kish Electronic Payment Company
  • Integrated planning of chain of value and distribution channels of Magnolia Company
  • Determining the appropriate sedan car tariff
  • Analyses of the competitive environment of Nirou Battery Company
  • Providing clinical consultancy in the sphere of marketing and sales to many micro, small and medium companies

What else we offer you!

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