Organization’s structure and designing

Introduction to the Organization’s structure and designing services field

We do not know the exact cause of the extinction of dinosaurs but we are sure that lack of compatibility has been the primary reason of annihilation of creatures from the scene of existence. The necessity of survival and evolution in the sphere of business management and administration of organizations too is conformity, flexibility and proper “organizing”.

Proper organizing means alignment with and response to external changes, uniformity of management teams, coordination of work units and groups and departments, unison of the rank and file’s action, the company’s effective relations with representative offices and network, value-creating interactions of the parent company with its subsidiaries, high-level supervision over subsidiaries etc …

Proper organizing leads to creation of a business unit that has cohesion and uniformity, speed of decision-taking and action, motivation of managerial teams, alignment of various businesses and coordination of various units, groups and subsidiaries (local, holding group, allied and affiliated associates and external network). Its outcome shall be the achievement of strategies, growth and development, production of wealth and values for customers, the society and for other beneficiaries.

However, improper organization of business causes managers to complain of employees that lack speed of action and fail to realize objectives and goals (and charge their subordinates of irresponsibility as well); of coworkers also to complain of disagreement among departments, inconsistency in responsibilities, sluggishness in the decision-taking process, work duplication and wasted efforts and supervisors too to complain of lacking authority in proportion with delegated responsibilities and interference and overlap of their duties with the rest of departments.

Nowadays far more dangerous is the spreading of the disease of “self-immunity” in certain companies. Like the body – in that the nervous and immune system attacks its own cells, tissues and organs – the head office and certain managers and work groups also engage in hostility with the rest of the departments and their colleagues. This means that instead of synergy, cooperation and harmony, constituents of the business unit inflict harm on themselves and others.

How do we guide you?

In offering services in the form of comprehensive solutions or in the form of independent service, The Industrial Management Organization shall be at your side at every stage of designing, training, guidance and cooperation in implementation and installation or with a combination of these stages. With the unique designing method of the Industrial Management Organization (IMI- Method) and with variety of tools such as meetings of focused and like-minded groups, coaching, comparative studies and right selection, we undertake designing and installation of effective solutions.

If you notice such complications in your organization, we shall be at your side by offering effective approaches for solving these problems.

Consultants of the Industrial Management Organization have experience in structuring holdings and multi-business corporations (including in defining and developing staff value-creating models for subsidiaries, reducing value-eliminating relations and creating as well as raising synergy among subsidiary companies and corporate multi-purpose approaches group). Similarly, our consultants also provide specialized services appropriate with period of growth of start up and newly established companies in the field of designing of the organization and organizational structures.

Organizing with natural order and defining the most natural method of doing the job; this is our approach to organization planning and organizational structure. In addition to that, we define the business fields and likewise, macro models of flexibility as well as diverse business models; undertake designing and reviewing organizational structure and determine the effective departments and divisions.

The organization’s designing is like a stream that on the one hand originates from fundamental perspectives and strategies and on the other hand, in the form of institutions and description of duties it outflows in determining the style of performing tasks, defining positions and duties of individuals. In this midst, our role is to define the chain of value-creation, to identify the capabilities corresponding with problems and complications of the structure and also corresponding to existing order and disorder and to determine the manner of renewed and appropriate organizing.

Our theoretical principles and perspective in the sphere of organization designing and structuring are as below:

Our approach is to actively participate and use the accumulated knowledge and experience of the employer’s team of managers and key experts in order to foster harmony and mutual judicious discipline needed for defining and installing a distinctive structure befitting the nature and substance of the business.

  • Emphasis on nature and substance of the employers’ business and its reflection on the type of production of value and wealth;
  • planning of resources and potentials based on nature and substance of business and in Iran’s economy and trade environment;
  • shaping and designing systems, methods and processes for creation of exclusive value for the customer;
  • defining role, responsibility and duties of departments, executives and human resources proportionate with creation of wealth and value;
  • Defining the style of macro decision-making and decision-taking and corresponding management styles and organizational culture.

The organizational designing service is a cohesive and multi-purpose approach and it defines or redefines the different dimensions of an organization. From different angles and various dimensions, it shapes the organization’s existence.

  • Organizing
    • Designing and reviewing organizational structure
    • Designing chain of value and macro organizational processes
    • Organizational diagnosis in the sphere of structure
  • Organizational agility
    • Downsizing and Virtualization
    • Outsourcing, crowed sourcing and spin off businesses
    • Organization based on network, team-based organization, learning and innovation
  • Designing business models
  • Designing multi-business organizations (holdings, group of companies)
    • Compiling role of parent / staff headquarters organization;
    • Designing structure of subsidiary companies / the group’s companies;
    • Designing communication and guidance system (corporate value-creation and authority)
  • Reviewing organizational structure and job classification of the Transportation and Traffic Organization of Tehran Municipality
  • Review and redesigning detailed and organizational structure of Construction and Expansion of Special Projects of MAPNA (third expansion)
  • Designing the fundamental pillars and reforming the salary and wages system of employees of Aryabins Company.
  • Improving the detailed structure and institutions of the Social Security Investment Company (SHASTA)
  • Analyzing and designing the mother strategy and strategic structure of Iran Power Stations Investment Holding Company (SANA)
  • Guidelines of model scientific consulting, research and educational organizations (Martyr Beheshti Research Complex of the Revolutionary Guard Corps)
  • Examining and improving the organizational structure of Maroun Petrochemical Company
  • Modifying and reviewing the organizational structure of Steel Alloy Company
  • Designing the ideal structure and outlining the duties of departments of Taksa Company
  • Designing organizational structure of Energy Gostar Institution
  • Designing organizational structure of Pak Taliseh Company
  • Reviewing the organizational structure of Petro Pars Company
  • Designing organizational structure of Arta Plast Company
  • Macro strategic strategies and reviewing the pillars of organizational structure of Mana Food Industries Group
  • Designing organizational structure of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
  • Redesigning structure of Parchin Company
  • Designing organizational structure of Esfahan Vegetable Oil Company
  • Organizational structure of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines
  • Organizational structure from the viewpoint of autonomous strategic business units of of Kerman Tire Company (SBU)
  • Designing organizational structure of Casting Company of Iran Tractor Manufacturing
  • Designing the structure of Ministry of Health – World Bank
  • Designing the structure of Islamic Republic of Iran Post Company
  • Designing organizational structure of Falegh Sanat Comapny
  • The organizational structure of Moshavereh Yekom Holding Company
  • Designing the structure of Mohandeseen Moshaver Company
  • The organizational structure of Eqtesad Novin Holding Company
  • Reviewing strategy and organizational structure of Rail Transportation Company
  • Implementing the project of reviewing the structure of Malibel Saipa Company
  • Reviewing the organization structure of Polour Sabz Company
  • Compiling organization structure in the head office, commercial and production departments of the Kordestan Sugar Cube Industry Company (Madnoush)
  • Designing organizational structure of Olang Mining Company
  • Modifying the existing organizational structure design of Kani Mess Technical Engineering Services Company

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