Doctrine of consultancy and research in the Industrial Management Organization

Our Motto: Professional consultancy based on professional principles

The Industrial Management Organization is considered to be the foremost professional-specialist institution active in the sphere of management consultancy, training and research in Iran (and even in the Middle East and Eurasia) that was established more than half a century earlier with the mission of assisting in development of the country’s management capacity. From the beginning of its activity in the 1960’s decade, this organization has played an effective role in Iran’s industrial growth and development. Since then it has sponsored the establishment and development of many businesses as well as of governmental organizations among the most important of them being the Iran Development and Renovation Organization (the late Dr. Reza Niyazmand the Organization’s founder has in various chapters of his books among them in the books “History of Industrial Management in Iran” and “Technocracy and Economic Policy-making in Iran” has to some extent described the circumstances of this impact in the 1960’s and 1970’s). 

In other words, the organization’s design structure was such that the outflow of completed research work is directed towards consultancy programs and the sum total of the outflow of consultancy research and projects implemented is directed towards training. Therefore, the type of designing and organization structure is still unique in the country from the aspect of practical application of theoretical findings (making use of indigenous research and investigation findings in offering consultancy to business and organizations as well as benefiting from empirical findings) and as a result of creating educational platforms based on experiences gained from undertaking consultancy projects in economic institutions and establishments.   

  • Management consultancy needs perception, experience, knowledge and strong professional principles;
  • Management consultants have in the course of years of experience and deliberation in different organizations have tested, gained and accumulated knowledge of management;
  • With constant usage of knowledge and experience, professional consultants have succeeded in designing their particular indigenous models for solving the diverse and unique problems of organizations.
  • Our adherence to professional management consultancy principles is that same capital of ours for involvement in development activities of Iranian organizations and institutions;
  • Track record of more than fifty years of professional consultancy management as well as attention and commitment to professional ethics in this sphere, which has been preserved by word of mouth in the course of tens of years in the cultural body of the Organization, is a source of pride for the organization.
Pioneer in development of indigenous models (equipped with latest global knowledge and correct understanding of domestic requirements)

Extensive international business connections has made it possible for the Industrial Management Organization to have a critical role in the transfer of the latest concepts, knowledge, experiences and methods currently practiced by the world’s successful organizations to the country. Alongside the experience of having carried out approximately five-thousand research and consultancy projects in Iranian organizations and business establishments, this matter has enabled the organization to indigenize methodologies, techniques, tools and frameworks and to undertake development of effective domestic models and their customization for various spheres and industries and in this respect is always considered to be pioneering and unrivaled.

The Industrial Management Organization considers itself responsible and committed to using all its potential and actual capacities in conjunction with the rest of the key beneficiaries for eliminating the existing challenges and making use of opportunities available to the people of Iran and the region.

Staffing and rich network of local associates

Undoubtedly, the manpower-based capital of the management consultancy industry is a knowledge-based field. The Industrial Management Organization as the foremost professional institution offering management consultancy services in the country has always emphasized employment and expansion of competent associates and consultants and has at various points in time made substantial investments for equipping itself with expert manpower. The outcome of this is investment is manifested today in the organization’s rich and vast network of local partners. It is a source of honor that in addition to the Organization and its clients this matter has also played a prominent role in strengthening and development of the country’s consultancy industry in the course of past decades so that nowadays, a significant number of those active in the management consultancy field can be counted among those that had attended the organization’s numerous programs and have become highly successful.

The Industrial Management Organization considers itself responsible and committed to using all its potential and actual capacities in conjunction with the rest of the key beneficiaries for eliminating the existing challenges and making use of opportunities available to the people of Iran and the region.

Message of the Organization’s team of consultants

Management consultancy is the product of specialization of the management of organizations and shows the passing of corporate-ownership from the period of predominance of ownership and sovereignty of financial resources to a professional and specialist view of management. For this reason, it is counted as proof of development of the corporate economy in every country. Thus, the Industrial Management Organization is regarded to be the product of the country’s resolve for industrial development in the 1960’s and the society’s need for the presence of a professional and specialist authority for management development. Thus, with the help of the committed effort of hundreds of consultants and activists in the sphere of the country’s management, it has at various points in history succeeded to the extent of its ability, in playing an effective role at changing perceptions and approaches as well as in the development of management of Iranian corporations.


Like always the Industrial Management Organization’s team of consultants while strengthening and expanding the position of the management consultancy industry strives to play an active role in the ever-increasing success of economic corporations and governmental institutions at the micro level and greater economic development at the macro level. In this regard, we shall move ahead by relying on our rich past experiences, monitoring future changes, performing effective research work and offering dedicated, and responsible and innovative consultancy services. We are optimistic that in addition to continually maintaining and increasing the Industrial Management Organization’s role, these efforts lead to the elimination of challenges lying ahead, better use of opportunities and in one word, in improvement of the economic, social and cultural environment.

Various forms of offering consultancy services to clients

The consultancy and research department of the Industrial Management Organization backed by more than half a century of experience is placed alongside business and corporate leaders in order to assist them in identifying and eliminating the most important challenges and similarly, making use of the most appropriate opportunities. This task is achieved by offering a wide range of consultancy, research and rating services to government organizations, conglomerates, mother corporations, large, medium and small commercial companies, institutions, start-up companies and to the country’s specialists and managers in the below forms:

  • “Mother consultancy” by the customer in the process of implementation of macro consultancy and research projects;
  • Offering clinical consultancy services in the implementation processes and operations of the customer;
  • Offering consultancy services in the Industrial Management Organization’s consultancy clinic;
  • Planning and organizing applied training workshops having effects of rapid improvement in performance of customers;
  • Supervision over consultancy, research and execution projects;
  • Diagnosing and auditing (for example, in discovering fundamental problems, detecting bottlenecks and facilitating ease of operations)
  • Designing, implementing and direct offering of solutions for solving the problem in the field of management consultancy (structure, operating systems etc …);
  • Conducting library and field research work, production of knowledge and registration of domestic and native experiences;
  • Carrying out research projects (market and business environment, field of industry, social-cultural field and policy-making field).


In offering consultancy-research services, we function in the below manner:    

1. First step: Before proposing solution and services that can be offered (Proposal)

We take action with great sensitivity and meticulousness vis-à-vis understanding and identifying your problem through obtaining further information of past records and more details. For this purpose, in the course of our (our team of consultants) face-to-face meetings with you (managers, decision-takers and main beneficiaries), we analyze the experience of work groups in order to diagnose and identify the problem and by means of direct and long-distance interactions with you, weigh our ability to solve your problem. In this way, we obtain the assurance as to the effectiveness of our cooperation and the assistance that we can offer you while being able to carry on with the tasks in a clearly organized and systematic manner.

2. Second step: agreement of the parties on the (payment of) wages for offered services (proposed solution)

By taking into consideration the country’s economic conditions, the unique situation and particular budget of every corporation – while considering that our solutions is directed towards and can be customized with your circumstances – we have proposed three approaches to financial relations that can be used depending on your need and circumstances: (1) in the form of project with description of ascertained services, beginning and ending period and specified wages; (2) in the form of clinical services with agreement of the results of each meeting and in the form of specific hourly rate; (3) in the form of guarantee and partnership in the revenues produced as a result of offering services.  

3. Third step: In the course of providing service and project management

Our project management is such that initially the executor of the plan (project manager) who is the liaison of the customer and is responsible for all coordination activities and execution of the project is appointed. Experience has shown that projects do not move ahead exactly as per schedule. Thus, the project manager is responsible for any kind of change and adjustment in the plan, for moving things forward and actions and must ensure that every problem is identified, responded to and solved in the best possible manner.

  • Appropriate with the type of service offered and method agreed upon our project team (according to the agreed upon schedule and timing of the project), shall be present at the customer’s location. This presence shall either be in the form of a limited number of meetings in a week (one or two meetings) or in the form of resident at the employer’s location.
  • With more than fifty fulltime consultants and experts as well as hundreds of affiliated and part-time associates, we have the required and sufficient readiness to deal with unforeseen problems and major changes that are possibly and probably created during the project’s implementation.
  • The manager in charge of the project (scientific manager / technical manager) is one of the Organization’s senior consultants. He is the customer’s representative and is present in the project team on our behalf and in addition, guarantees the quality and outcome of the task as well. Other than during the project’s initial stages, he shall be in contact with the customer in all the important stages and high points of the project’s implementation.
  • Our working hour period is more than 12 hours and the reason for it is our presence outside Tehran, in all of the country’s provincial cities and provinces. Even though among the criteria of selection and the values of the Industrial Management Organization’s team of consultants one can name hard work, liking for job diversity and diverse experiences, high working capability and toleration of tough conditions, self-recognition and self-learning. However, we believe in striking a balance between work-occupation life and family and personal life of our colleagues and for this purpose we offer a genial and flexible work environment in order to compensate for the stress and pressures of work especially in extraordinary circumstances and at critical stages of the projects.

Our role in offering consultancy-research services:

We assume all the three formal roles of the consultant:

Provides the knowledge so that the client’s distinct problem is solved.

  • The client knows (thinks he knows) there is a problem / opportunity. He is able to (thinks he can) define the problem / opportunity. He demands the expertise of approach from the consultant for solving the problem or for availing of the opportunity. The consultant has the required knowledge for evaluating the various viewpoints. He employs optimization of information and other external knowledge, takes the help of his network, introduces client to other clients – other than the competitor – in order to gain access to the best latest methods in other industries.

 Diagnoses and solves the client’s problem

  • The client plays the role of the patient and has a confused mindset about the problem and is not able to describe it. The consultant is employed for diagnosis and finally prescribes a treatment for it. Later he assists in implementation as well as in supervision and control.

Offers a process which the client is able to use for identifying and solving the problem

  • It is the offering of a process that under the guidance and direction of the consultant, the client finds and solves the problem by himself. In this state, acceptance and implementation of approach shall be easier because it is the client’s own job. In this method, the employees must be chosen with care and by taking into consideration the capability of development of their potential and not simply because of the available capacity at their disposal.

We play a role in all four types of the defined consultancy

  • Solving the client’s ‘new problem’ requires tremendous effort and the consultant must so to say ‘invent the wheel.’ Therefore, it necessitates a lot of obligations. The consultant has got to be sharp (intelligent) and creative; he has got to discover the know-how and have the capability of solving the latest and most complex problem. Thus in this style, his intelligence and cerebral power is important. The consultation proceeds on the basis of “Knowledge Exploration” – and this type of consulting is called “Brain Consultancy.”
  • In this role, past experiences is made use of to solve problems. This type of consultancy is useful only for problems that have been solved previously and is not suitable for new problems.
  • For increasing productivity, consultants convert their experiences into procedure. Procedures in the form of method are tools and tactics. Among them one can name ‘framework’, models, road maps, checklists and step by step plans.
  • With compilation of this approach, lesser experienced and inexperienced individuals can be employed and made use of. The compiled procedures are taught to these individuals and the identified problems of clients are solved with the help of these tools.
  • Because the consultancy firm is the title-holder of the procedure and creation of value too needs that procedure, thus it is the owner of the ‘consultancy firm’ that takes a big share of the remuneration for the services rendered to the client.
  • Two benefits of this type of consulting consist of: (1) Saving in costs and efficiency of productivity and (2) speed (Efficiency and Leverage). In this state, the consultancy firm’s leverage penetration goes up and the development time span of the consultant is much lower in relation to the Grey Haired. As a result the consultancy firm becomes quantifiable.  
  • It must be noted that not all knowledge of consultation can be compiled. Compilation of tacit knowledge in the mind of grey-haired consultants if not impossible is extremely difficult. Meanwhile, emulation of procedures in relation to tacit experience has fewer supporters because compiled knowledge is observed and copied more easily and the law does not support copy and international property rights. Knowledge compiled by brain consultants cab be copied by lesser procedure consultants and this subject needs greater innovation of the brain consultants. Followers catch up with the intellectual leaders and the intellectual leaders in order to be ahead and stay ahead have got to have the next bigger idea in their bag.
  • Procedure consultancy is regarded as a service. It is possible that the procedure consultants do not need an experienced team but they still need individuals that are able to advise and assist the client. Therefore, procedure consultancy is dependent on manpower and is a relatively expensive undertaking.  
  • For lowering the cost of procedure consultancy, knowledge is compiled and converted into software. In this way management consultancy becomes ‘productized’. ‘Service’ is converted into ‘software product’ like ‘analytics’ software that has been produced for identification of the client’s problem.  The first and chief software that management consultants use is the Excel Microsoft and for instance they use it for creating the business plan document, evaluations from macros and their standard prototypes.
  • Sale of software too is in this field. For instance, the consultant has developed a route optimization tool for logistic management of a client. Next time by making few adjustments, he can sell it to another client.
  • Certainly, software is more quantifiable than procedure. For instance, McKinsey Solutions is software under web consisting of web-based knowledge (exclusive data and publications of comparative studies), tools (for instance analytical algorithms) and expert support for identifying opportunities of improvement of efficiency and designing productivity improvement approach as well as their implementation.

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