Existential Philosophy of the Consultancy and Research Department

In a major part of the Industrial Management Organization’s history, the Consultancy and Research Department has been the guide of the two main pillars of the slogan “Consultancy, Training and Research” and was counted as the nerve-center and main core of the organization’s business. In other words, the design structure of the Organization was such so that the outflow of the researches performed was towards consultancy projects and the total outflow of the research and consultancy projects undertaken was directed towards training. Therefore, the type of the organization’s design and structure from the aspect of application of theoretical findings (application of findings from indigenous research and investigation for offering consultancy to businesses and organizations) and benefiting from experimental findings (as a result of creating training platforms based on experiences gained from undertaking consultancy projects in institutions and economic establishments) continues to be unique in the country.

Important characteristics of the Consultancy and Research Department in a single look
  • More than half-century experience in providing services to organizations and institutions influential in the country’s economic development in the government, cooperative and private sectors;
  • Pioneer in providing novel consultancy services and implementing customized and challenging projects;
  • Using indigenous, exclusive and innovative methodologies for project implementation;
  • Focus on constant improvement in quality of services;
  • Establishing effective and enduring relationship with experts and consultants outside the organization at the national and international levels with the aim and objective of constant improvement of quality of services and synergy.
Our efforts at realizing the Organization’s mission
  • The Industrial Management Organization backed by more than 50 years of effective presence in the country’s economic and social arenas considers its mission to be the development of management capacity, transforming and improvement of organizations and achieving the objectives of economic and social development of the country through consultancy, training and research. So far it has made effort:
  • To assist leaders of the business sector, with whatever volume of activity for presence in the upcoming events;
  • To help the country’s economic institutions adopt appropriate strategies for planning and execution of effective change and transformation and also for raising their respective performance and productivity levels;
  • To expand theoretical knowledge and expertise needed by leaders and managers of organizations (in both present and future circumstances)
  • To assist managers and policy-makers through consultation and research in diagnosing problems and challenges facing them and in choosing strategies.


Today, the Industrial Management Organization while training tens of thousands of the country’s managers and helping to boost their technical and theoretical expertise, has succeeded in creating an opportunity for government and non-government organizations to avail of the Organization’s research and consultancy capacities and raise their technical level, capability and assignments entrusted to them.  Moreover, by introducing new and diverse management subjects and topics of the world the Industrial Management Organization has always endeavored to take effective steps at improvement and development of management and leadership of organizations.


Our efforts at realizing the Organization’s mission

Our Motto:
Professional consultancy based on professional principles

  • Management consultancy needs perception, experience, knowledge and strong professional principles;
  • Management consultants have in the course of years of experience and deliberation in different organizations have tested, gained and accumulated knowledge of management;
  • With constant usage of knowledge and experience, professional consultants have succeeded in designing their particular indigenous models for solving the diverse and unique problems of organizations.
  • Our adherence to professional management consultancy principles is that same capital of ours for involvement in development activities of Iranian organizations and institutions;
  • Track record of more than fifty years of professional consultancy management as well as attention and commitment to professional ethics in this sphere, which has been preserved by word of mouth in the course of tens of years in the cultural body of the Organization, is a source of pride for the organization.

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