Project Management Service

There are many semi-finished projects in the country. There are also national projects that have been completed but have not only failed to solve the problem; rather, they have added a problem to the problems. If sufficient attention is not paid to the management of project, things shall not move ahead in the right direction and none of the objectives and plans shall materialize. Failure in materialization of objectives and plans is a pervasive dilemma at the level of large, small and micro, government and private, newly-established and innovative, operational and manufacturing, process or project-oriented corporations.

Plan and project management can transform the organization’s capabilities to competitive advantage in the sense that first, the right plans and projects are selected so that they create value and are effective; and second, that they are implemented properly and have efficiency. However, many managers do not know what projects can solve and get rid of problems and also do not know how to manage, plan and implement their selected projects and reach them to fruition. If you too are faced with such perplexities our consultants can provide the most appropriate and efficient solutions to creation of wealth and value for resolving your problems.

Project management is an obvious need for realization of ideas, objectives and plans and is a necessity for all types of businesses and not only of project-oriented organizations.

How do we guide you?

Sometimes project failure is the outcome of inexperienced project managers but even the experienced manager needs facilities, new methods and tools as well as sagacious colleagues in order to succeed. Without doubt, experienced project managers shall realize the stated objectives by using new concepts and methodologies of project management and efficient manpower. In this path the secret to success lies in preparation and provision of tasks, concentration on performance of tasks, hard work and indefatigability as well as in learning from failures.

If until now, for any reason you have not thought of a fundamental solution about project management, we can design and set it up for you.  We fit the needs of your business with the requirements of a project-oriented mindset; we design the appropriate model and matching processes and shall be at your side during the process of their deployment. 

Likewise, if you have made use of the methodologies and standards of project management but have not achieved the expected results; or you would like to take advantage of the benefits of tools and software and be relieved of some of its bureaucratic and boring tasks, we shall assist you in facilitating tasks and bringing about necessary changes. In this way that initially, by organizational diagnoses in various dimensions of project management and projects, we identify problems and bottlenecks and outline matching models for getting rid of them and by means of development of various procedural and structural dimensions, technology and software, we shall be with you in creating optimal solutions. 

In addition, if your project managers, product managers, management team or team of experts and employees are not aligned and familiar with project thinking, by fostering mutual understanding and through individual development and coaching methods we find solution to this problem and bring effectiveness, efficiency and productivity to your organization.

With management of organizational projects and management of operations, you can produce wealth and value by making use of your existing capabilities and also guarantee enduring future development by creating new potential and capabilities.

Our intellectual principles and perspective in the sphere of project management

The Industrial Management Organization assures its clients to provide the service of plan and project management together with innovation, matching  the company’s existing conditions and future needs and by using the most effective software-based solutions.

  • Relying on distinctions and benefits derived from each of the project management, traditional, cascading and agile methodologies.
  • Emphasis on hard skills such as programming, scheduling, risk management, budgeting, reports and dashboards
  • Emphasis on soft skills such as team-building, stress management, motivation, leadership etc …
  • Using tools and software of project management matching needs such as MSP, Collaboration, Task, P6, EPM, PM. Excel, Kanban, To-Do, Time Sheet and Calendar …
  • Project management office
    • Installing PMO
    • Designing processes, dealings and management of PMO
    • Raising the maturity level of project management
  • Strategic management of projects
    • Management of programs
    • Management of basket of projects (portfolio) *on the basis of supply, demand, balancing resources etc …
  • Planning and management of implementation projects MC
  • Evaluation and diagnoses
    • Diagnoses of project management system
    • Evaluation and feasibility – FS
    • Evaluation of risk management of projects
    • Evaluation of maturity of project management system …, OPM3
  • Redesigning project management in organizational change and transformation, designing and installing methodologies of organizational project management – PMBOK, ISO 21500
  • designing and installing methodologies of project management in work teams …., Agile, SCRUM
  • Monitoring and Coaching in project management
    • Development and empowering of project managers (evaluation center)
    • Competency of project managers (PMCDK)
  • Implementing uniform software solutions for large and multifaceted projects …Microsoft, Oracle
  • Assisting in installing software of management of simple, special purpose projects for newly established companies and for small and medium enterprises.
  • Making preparations for participation in project management prizes such as National Project Management Prize, IPMA Award
  • Compiling and documenting project experiences and lessons learned and oral history of projects
  • Management of documents and knowledge contents of the project  
  • Installation of Project Management Office (PMO) and optimization of policy-making and monitoring of research and implementation projects
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive system of project management of Meyar Sanat Khawar Miyaneh Company
  • Designing the performance system of trade-administration project of

 Aras Pars Trading-Administration Company

  • Laying the groundwork and installing project management system of Parsian Company
  • Designing a model for risk analysis of investment projects of Iran Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)
  • Program management of Advanced Research Institute of Social Security Organization
  • Management of communications project of the Police Forces of the I.R. Iran (NAJA)
  • Quality management system of the Day Bank project

What else we offer you!

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